Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

I started a new knitting project last night.  I've been wanting to start this for awhile but was looking for the right yarn.  I settled on this Encore Colorspun which is an acrylic and wool blend in nice baby colors.  One of the ladies at work is pregnant and due in January.  I missed her baby shower so I thought I'd knit this cute giraffe as a gift!  It's funny because I don't think anyone expects me to hand-make gifts, but I put that pressure on myself.  For two ladies in the office I had made quilts so in my head I thought I should do that.  But, I don't know her that well.....and I've wanted to make this two birds one stone, yes?
She already knows she's having a boy, and I really wanted a self striping yarn and dang is that hard to find!  The pattern calls for worsted weight, most baby yarns are DK or fingering.  And the cute ones were mostly the girl colorways.  But this is a nice sherbetty color.  I don't think you can see too well right now but it is making kinda blobby stripes, which I like.

So it's Christmas eve - Merry Christmas!  It is, of course, very quiet here.  I had high hopes for snow but so far it's just been rain.  This afternoon though the temp has drastically dropped, so maybe?  

This morning as I was getting ready for work I got a text from Karla that there was a gift on my porch!!!!  What a sweet surprise!  It is a basket stuffed with lots of goodies!  She's such a little elf.  And when I got home from work there was a card from a lady at church.  

Welp, I'm off to knit some more, just wanted to pop on here and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  

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