Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Stalking

I'm cracking myself up right now. Does anyone else book-stalk??? You know, everytime you go to the store you check out this one particular book. And, thumb through the pages and think "maybe someday I'll buy this" but never do. Even if it's on sale. I'll confess I've been doing this. To two books in particular - Material Obsession and Artful Paper Dolls. It was sort of funny because a couple weeks ago I went into Joanns and the books are back by the yarn and the patterns, which I was incidentally looking at also. But since I was already right there, why not look through the books?? And Material Obsession was gone! What? Someone else bought my book? Huh. Maybe it's over in the quilting section since it is about quilts. Not there either! BAH! Not that I would have bought it then anyways, but still. There was just something unsettling about it not being there.

The other night I was in there and there were 2 on the shelf! Sweet relief.....

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roseylittlethings said...

I have material obsession and LOVE it!! try ebay!