Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice wreath and Finland

Okay, so I'm sort of cringing a little to share this one - although I'm not sure why because by now it's pretty obvious I'm a dork! So, on One Pretty Thing the other day I came across this wreath for Alice in Wonderland, by Lark and Lola, and thought how cute! Since Jan, Robbie and I were going to see the movie this weekend I figured it'd be perfect to make one of my own! so I did, and here it is. I used a heart shaped base wreath, and my banners came out sort of huge. I was sort of in that mood where I just wanted to get it DONE so I didn't fuss with it. I really liked the font that Lark and Lola used way better but I made do with my trusty Cricut and Storybook cartridge. I do really like the way it turned out :) BTW I loved the movie, the world that Tim Burton created is magnificent.
And so yesterday I sent out 5 packages for different swaps and while I was at the post office I picked up a package from Finland. Can I please tell you how fun it is to get a package from another country!!!!! Seriously, I loooove getting packages anyways, and the novelty factor of an international one is off the charts! And I opened it in the car, just couldn't even wait to get home! Love, love, love. For a number of reasons. First her handwriting was so cute, tiny and unmistakenly foreign. Inside she had included a head scarf called a "calorimetry" which I had never heard of, but seriously it is beautiful, 3 skeins of wool yarn, her favorite knitting pattern, and a story of how she had learned how to knit, and her Ravelry moniker. I guess I loved it so much because it's so nice to have a crafty kindred spirit to connect with. I know that gets said a lot, but really I can't even express how great that is. I'm not knocking my friends that are here but it's nice to talk (sort of) to someone who knows exactly what I'm talking about. Just cool.

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