Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new quilt in the works

And, so.  What happens when you've missed church for oh- let's say about a month or so - and then decide to go back?  On a holiday?  Um, they switch the time on you and you show up an hour late, at the END!  bah.  That's what happened on Easter.  My own fault for skipping out.  You know what, though?  I thinks it's okay.  I had a little devotional beforehand while I was having my coffee.  I had printed out this prayer from Beth Moore and felt compelled to pray it.  Sometimes I feel like I do pretty well with my own prayers, other times I feel that it helps to have another's perspective.

So, what else happened on Easter?  Since I finished Irma's quilt I was going to start on a new one, a hammock quilt.  I washed up all the fabrics.  And, then decided to work on another one in my to do list.  It makes me feel too scattered to have too many projects hanging out in the wind.  So, I borrowed some inspiration from this post from Blue is Bleu.  I am altering it quite a bit.  The large stars are my deer panels with the bear paws.  And then I'm switching some of the other stars to pine trees, and some to flying geese.  The finished blocks are going to be about 18" square so I think the final product will be about twin sized.  I have finished 8 star squares and 4 deer/bear paws.  Here's a peek:
As always I have all of the fabrics in my stash, either from Mom or picked up by me along the way. As I've mentioned before the panels I bought when we first moved here, like 9-10 years ago! I also had leftover fabric from making the owl pillows for Jan.  I have some brown plaid flannel that I think I'm going to do the backing with.  Nice and cozy.

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