Sunday, May 1, 2011

seam allowances are important

Wow!  I feel like this weekend flew by!  Maybe it had something to do with the nice weather?  Who knows.  But, just so you know - almost every day last week there was snow at some point during the day.  And today it is 70 degrees!  Yessss! 
I did get some sewing done.  A gal that I used to work with had a birthday on Friday, and we were all going to get together for dinner or lunch.  But, that day turned out not to work, which actually worked out okay because I was only 75% done with this runner!  I thought about it the weekend before, but I was trying to finish up the it didn't happen.  I decided to try this pattern from the Moda Bake Shop, called Choc-o-cherry turnover treat.  As it turns out (and you may know this) all the patterns on the MBS are pretty much made from their pre-cuts.  In this case, a turnover, which at the time I was cutting out my fabric I did not know what size the triangles were supposed to be. so I sorta guessed.  If you learn anything from me and my endeavors - it's this: maybe don't guess.  Oh, and make sure that your seams allowances are the same!  Two big foibles.  Well, maybe the seam allowance  thing is the biggie here.  I'm not consistent with mine, and in this particular project it was a BIG deal.  See, you start with the small middle square, sew, line it up and trim, then sew on the middle triangles, sew, line it up and get it.  Well, somewhere along the way each square would be slightly different......thus my ending squares were all a teensy bit different.  There were 3 that were small and so I ended up cutting down the bigger squares.  hmphf.  You may not be able to tell from the pic but my points realllly don't line up.  and some got whittled down to not even having points.  ugh.  But, I really liked the prints all together and was tres limited on some of them so couldn't just re-do them.  Which I would have if I'd had more of certain prints.  But.....that didn't happen.  Wow.  sorry that is such a long explanation there!  I really like the final product, though, even though it is far from perfect and normally I would hate that.
runner for Tammy
In other news, I finished up that book "The Lost Hero" by Rick Riordan and I loved it!  Loved. It.  The story was really good the whole way dull spots.  Good action.  The story was told alternately between 3 different characters and mixed in some from the previous series, Percy Jackson.  This book was quite larger, but didn't feel like I was reading forever.  The next book comes out this Fall, can't wait!

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