Tuesday, May 17, 2011

lodge quilt update

I'm calling this one the "lodge quilt" because it reminds me of a lodge at some sort of camping area.  I've got all the blocks sashed with blocks of mostly solids.  Now, I just need to sew them all together and then decide if I want a border or just quilt it and bind it.  Decisions, decisions.  Each blocks measures about 18.5"

 Here's a close up of the last block I did yesterday.  So, here's the story, that little flying geese in the border is a funny little thing.  I had been hoarding saving that fabric since I made the owl pillows for Jan because I knew eventually I'd get around to making a hunting themed quilt.  I had one block left and had found this tutorial online on how to get 4 flying geese blocks at once without waste.  Perfect, I thought!  Um, but I didn't really use my noggin.  The finished block was supposed to end up 3.5x7 and the square to cut out was 6.25.  How I thought I could get 4 seven inch wide rectangles starting with a 6.25 inch block I'll never know!  I think I was just too excited.  But, I used my precious little bit of this fabric.  ugh.  So on a whim last yesterday I thought I'd encorporate the damaged goods into a block.  I think it adds a little character, yes?

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