Sunday, May 15, 2011

crocheted happiness

So yesterday was a wash!  I felt so awful all day, and still was determined to do something productive, but it  didn't turn out well.  I made one quilt square.  hmphf.  Friday was a different story, though!  The other day whilst browsing blogs, I came across one that mentioned "jars with jackets" and was intrigued.  I clicked on the link et voila!  And, as so often happens - it crossed my mind that, hey!  I could make that!  You see, I like to put ground cinnamon in my coffee grounds as it's brewing and have used a little recycled jar to hold the cinnamon next to the coffee.  It's not the cutest set up, but it's been useful.  But now, check it out!
What do you think?  I love it!  I used an amigurumi pattern from one of my books and just added some stripes.  It whipped up pretty quick, I started making it at the beginning of "How to Train Your Dragon" and by the end of the movie it was donezo.  It makes me happy :)
So, I forgot to mention that when Jan and I got together last weekend, she had a little gift for me!  She said she found this fabric at Walmart in the clearance section and picked it up for me.  I LOVE it!  There is one yard of each of the prints.  I am going to save the stripey one for a quilt binding.....if I can even wait that long.  I keep wanting to cut into it and then have to remind myself I'm saving it.  So, we'll see. 

In other news, it's snowing right now!  Snowing.  So, if you are somewhere warm and sunny - savor it :)

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