Saturday, February 12, 2011

wordy windy day

Well, I will say that my little stinkers sure do keep me on my toes! Well, one in particular - Rocky. So, this morning was absolutely gorgeous, and warm! I left the back door open so the dogettes could roam as they pleased between house and yard. I noticed that Rocky kept going to this one spot in the fence, so I went out to investigate. Sure enough there was a broken piece of wood. I trucked back into the house and got the hammer to see if I could tighten it up a bit so he couldn't keep making a bigger hole. He watched me the entire time, sizing the situation up. Fast forward about a half hour. I'm sitting there knitting my monster with June and in comes Joey, crying. First off, Joey is never the first one in because Rocky is the alpha. So I knew that something was wrong! Yep, Mr. Stinkypants Turkey Dog himself had broken through the fence and was running amok in the neighborhood! Luckily he's a fairly good dog and will come when called so within 5 or so minutes he was safely back in the house! Sweet relief. I had to laugh though that Joey totally ratted him out!
So, I fixed the hole in the fence and let him out of his kennel and he ran straight for his spot, and wasn't even shy about it! I was so happy that he noticed right away that the fence was fixed and he could not pull any more shenanigans today anyways. We've hung out all day in the back yard, me sitting in a chair knitting, and them alternately sleeping in the sun and trotting around the perimeter of the fence. Only downside is that I woke up with a headache that has been making it's way towards migraine. I had to go inside because the wind kicked up and the windchimes felt like they were vibrating sound inside my head. yuck.
knitted monster body
So, here is the monster so far! I've decided to name her Avo. A gal that I work with, Linde is from South Africa and she calls avocado "avo" and the color of this monster reminds me of an avocado. She's sooooo close to being finished! I am going to make some arms and legs and ears. I have to admit that the pattern sort of lost me a teensy bit. If I had never done amigurumi before with crochet I would have had no idea what they were talking about. Like at one point, when you are increasing they say to just continue until there are 114 stitches. But, they don't tell you exactly how many stitches each row and stuff to increase. Same thing in the decrease dept. Luckily though I have done amigurumi before and could improvise. So, my monster is quite a bit shorter that the intended outcome from the pattern. That's okay though because frankly, she came out waaay bigger than I thought! I was so glad to be able to use some safety eyes that I picked up last year at goodwill for .39 cents! They're really big so I think they are supposed to be for teddy bears but I bought them anyways thinking maybe some day I'll make something rally big. And, look at that, I did :)

vintage sheet table runner
Okay, so this table runner I really made last weekend but needed to wash it first before taking a picture. I was on a vintage sheet runner roll last weekend! This one is so stinkin soft! The back I used another sheet, one of those kind that there's a ton of white but the pattern is still cute. I think it's 100% cotton so it sewed really easily, that was nice. Only issue with vintage sheets sometimes there are stains. I try to be super careful about cutting around those and not using. Guess who wasn't paying attention until everything was completely done and bound? Hmmm, who could it be? So, I've washed it a couple of times, the stain has not come out, but I'm positive it's safe to use since I've washed the heck out of it. And it's on the back so no one except me might ever notice.


roseylittlethings said...

adorable monster and such a pretty runner!!!!

Evelyn said...

I love the table runner! Bummer about the little stain, but I totally know how that goes! That's such a hard thing to spot on vintage sheets (and little holes too), and I've had the same issue. Oh well, I'll continue to take my chances anyway, because I still love them! :)