Friday, February 25, 2011

mermaid dreams

I had the most stressful dream this morning!  I dreamt that I was on a show kinda like Project Runway where I was competing with a room full of other people to design a skirt.  The thing is that all the skirts had to be a mermaid tail!  We were going to be judged on creativity and also the drape of the skirt and how flattering it would look.  The catch was that we had to wear the skirt ourselves.  Everyone else was super thin and making their skirts really low at the waistline, and I am very much not thin so I was like maybe I'll stand out because mine won't be the same as the others?  I had decided on a side zipper but then was fretting about it because I really have never made an invisible zipper before.  The fun part was picking out the fabrics (of course!) which we got to go to a humongous room full of fabulous beautiful fabrics.  I was picking glittery and all different shades of green and shimmery.  The base fabric I picked a cotton and was going to layer circles of the fabulous fabric to make it look like scales.  I was overhearing one lady next to me who had for some reason picked a graphic print for her base fabric and was asking someone else if the lines showed through and the person wasn't answering her so I butted in and said it did.  The end (I guess I woke up after this part) was figuring out how I wanted the bottom to be because I had to walk in it and was worried about my shoes showing and that taking away from the whole mermaid effect.  Also, I wanted it to be longer in the back with the fins.......
It is 2:46pm and I am still trying to think of how I would finish this skirt!  A make believe, dream skirt!  I guess there are worse things to be worrying about, right? lol.  I was trying to think of where in the world I came up with this dream?!?  I realized after I finished the book I was reading "Peter and the Starcatchers" which has mermaids in it that that must be where the mermaid thing came from.  And I was sewing last night, a new quilt though so not sure where the skirt came from?  Who knows!
Okay, so I was waiting to show this pic until the recipient received it!  I participated in a Spring potholder swap on Swap-bot.  This is what I sent out:
spring quilted potholder
Back view:
spring quilted potholder back view
I like the way it turned out, the gal that received said she likes it too, and that's what counts!  I did hand stitch the binding on the back, and I know I am nit-picky but I don't really love the way it sort of looks twisty.  Eh.  And, I think on future potholders I might make them a smidge smaller.

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