Sunday, February 6, 2011

Monster update and quiltyness

Okay, so I'm really not going for bathroom humor here, and my disclaimer is that I hope what I'm about to share doesn't gross anyone out!  LOL it sounds terrible doesn't it?  So, I realized that I needed some quiltyness in my bathroom.  I don't know why really.  So, I also wanted some pretty springy colors and naturally thought of my vintage sheet stash.  This is what I came up with:
quilted mini runner
So the toity now has some color :)  It turned out cute, huh?  This was the first one, made last night:
quilted mini runner first try
It is too long, the commode in the craft house is wider than the one in the main house. I put it on the shelf in the kitchen. Please ignore the dust!
It's a teensy bit too wide for the shelf too, but oh well! So, there you go, another use for vintage sheets :)
Here's the progress on my monster!
I'm diggin the way it's turning out, I'm about 50% done I think. I just have the rest of the body, legs and ears. Also need to think about exactly how I want the face to look, not too scary because I have a feeling this is a nice monster.
I'm happy to report that it is super nice, sunny, warmish (55 degrees) and beee-yoo-tee-full today! I'm not watching the Superbowl, but am showing my Steelers love with my wreath on the door :)


Evelyn said...

I love the little quilts! Sometimes you just need a little project like this - instant gratification and something cute to look at every day. Good job!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I love them! The fabrics are excellent!