Sunday, October 31, 2010

weekend finishes

okay, so this post is for my Mom, to show her what I've been up to this weekend.  So, Friday night after the laziest day ever I worked on the quilt a little bit.  Mostly just made more leaf and stem squares.  This is what I have so far:
quilt progress
I was thinking about it, and it turns out that I don't think I'm going to add in butterflies in with the large flowers.  Instead, I was thinking I'd border the "garden" and then do a little border of tiny flowers alternating with little butterfly squares.  Then, maybe another border?  Who knows, I'll figure that part out a little later probably.  You can see June's little paws down in the righthand corner, isn't she cute?  I know she sooooo wants to lay right on the squares, but she knows she'll get in BIG trouble.  Heee, hee.

And, I finished up this wreath this morning:
Steelers wreath
of course, I don't actually watch football, or even really know what's going on!  In fact, I'm just hoping it's still football season!  lol.  It's a little confusing because on facebook my bf Jeannette keeps talking about baseball games, but I haven't heard about the Superbowl yet, so I'm pretty sure I'm good.  But, all said and done, I love the Steelers!  Pretty much have to since my Mom is from Pittsburgh and I still have family back there!  All growing up I just knew that I loved them.  One of the trips back there, right before my Grandpa died, we were in town when the Steelers went to a playoff game, and boy howdy!  you've never seen anything like the love and loyalty Pittsburgh has for "da Stillers!"  Seriously every single person had either yellow and black or some form of Steelers clothing, flag, jewelry you name it on. At the Carnegie museum there was a yellow and black scarf on one of the dinosaurs outside.  A dinosaur at the airport had a "terrible towel".  Very cool.

So, now I'm wondering where to hide tonight while it's "trick or treat" time.  I just don't do the whole Halloween thing.  I mean, yes, I decorate.  But, since I was little I've always hated trick or treating.  I felt funny going to strangers houses and asking for candy.  I felt weird dressing up.  And, candy is bad for teeth.  So, frankly I just don't feel like advocating the whole candy begging shenanigans.  That sounded really harsh!  Really, it's just awkward to be home and not have bought any candy to hand out and I don't really want to listen to someone knocking on the door and feel funny about not answering, you know?

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