Sunday, October 24, 2010

with marshmallows please

Here's the table runner I mentioned yesterday. I am actually going to name this one! I've been calling it "hot chocolate on a winter's day" in my head as I was sewing. Fabric all from my stash, which was pretty much all given to me by my Mom :) I had a project last year (?) that was an advent calendar that I needed Christmas fabric for. She gave me a TON of the tan gingerbread man fabric, I still have lots. So, another disappearing 9 patch runner.  I just quilted it with plain straight stitching in the mid section and then random wavy lines along the border. I've decided something, and here it is: Quilting is very like scrapbooking! I usually look at the pictures I'm working on, pick a theme or color scheme, put a color behind the pictures which go onto a bigger piece of paper, matching everything and then adding embellishments. For this table runner I picked the gingerbread man fabric and built from there. So, really, since I've been scrapbooking for years, maybe I was just practicing quilting???

BTW, and this is totally random - next time you make hot chocolate you should totally add cinnamon to it!  And maybe some vanilla extract.  I'm always adding those to my hot chocolate and coffee too, I highly recommend it!  It's delish.

hot chocolate on a cold winter day table runner
I kind of feel like the brown with white dots is sort of like marshmallows :)  Back view:
table runner back side
By the way, I finished a book yesterday before making the table runner.  It was "The Telling," by Beverly Lewis.  This was the third book in a series about an Amish family whose mother disappears one night not telling anyone where she's going, and the subsequent fallout.  I have to say that there was one part towards the end when relationships are being mended that I cried, it was so tender and sweet.  I'll gladly cry over something like that instead of some of the books I read where it's heartbreaking!  I have to say I'm glad I finished it, I had started the book like over a month ago then set it down for whatever reason. 
I have a big box of books in the spare room that I really need to read.  A bunch of Debbie Macomber, the Traveling Pants series and some Karen Kingsbury.  I have to confess, though that they all seem too serious for me right now.  I'm really wanting something like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson - if only I hadn't already read them all!  Dang it.  Any suggestions???

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