Friday, October 8, 2010

projection for the weekend

I'm thinking about what is on the "menu" for the weekend, and I'm thinking super low key, and lots of sewing!  I've been feeling like I'm about to get sick for a few days now, so I think I just need to chill out and be a homebody.  Which is kind of perfect timing since I was perusing flickr, as I regularly do and in one of came across this tutorial, which I think is also on Moda?  I've been wanting to try out a disappearing 9 patch pattern for awhile, and have also wanted to try again at stippling so I think this could be perfect.  A nice, smallish project to practice.  And I have a table in need of a pretty Fall table runner. 
I am also going to finish up another table runner that I started last weekend, and it will be a gift so no pics until it's given away.  I have to confess though that it's going to be hard to actually give it up!  I think she'll really like it, though, so it'll be worth it.  I'm also almost done with the HP wreath, just a few finishing touches.  Oh, yeah!  I did start another wreath this morning, I had like 1/2 hour to kill before meeting Charese for lunch at the Mermaid Cafe.  Which, can I please tell you - was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!  I had the Med. Veg. wrap which has feta, calamata olives, cucumber, hummus, red onion, spinach and tomato and it's soooooo yummy.  And, I really shouldn't have eaten the whole thing because now I'm a tad uncomfortable ;)  I know you know what I mean!

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