Friday, October 1, 2010

butterflies and reflections

This morning I actually slept in until like 9!!!!! Ya-hoooo! I probably would have slept even longer except the phone rang. And, instead of going straight out to the craft house like I normally do on the weekend, I did a day of my bible study :). We are doing another Beth Moore study, this one is called "Living Free" and it's a combo of Breaking Free and Praying God's Word. It is just a study book, no videos. I have to tell you that our group kind of needs the direction of a video. Not that we can't do a study, it's just we're a little chatty. Which is good, we really like each other, it's just that usually (unless Jan is there) we don't exactly stay on task! Or get done by 8pm. Whoops. This past week really kind of made me realize how much I value all these ladies that meet together with me once a week to discuss God's word and what He's doing with us. We recently changed the night of our study to try to accomodate everyone. There is one lady who has chosen to go to another study through church instead of stick with our study and the temporary night change. Which is totally fine, but it really made me think about how much I would not choose anything else over the study because it means so much to me. Even when I don't finish my homework, I go because I know that God will have something for me anyways. And, I want to hear how everyone else is doing, how their weeks have gone. And, we are all different ages and different churches so the points of view are varied, and I think that's good. Just knowing that God gave a group of ladies that I'm pretty sure care about me makes me want to cry sometimes. I'm very thankful!

So, after that reflection and study this morning I promptly went out to the craft house and gave myself the time it takes for my hair to air dry to craft before I needed to go out and run errands. I of course did not actually follow the tutorial for the butterfly square. I just sort of made it up as I went.
butterfly square
I think that for the next ones I am going to try something a little wonkier to get the butterfly to be turned like it is going to try and land on the flowers. And, intead of using butterfly fabric I think a more solid-y pattern would be better for the top wings. But, it's not a total bust, I think I'll still use it.

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