Friday, October 29, 2010

so I....

Have a confession.  Today is the absolute laziest day ever.  Seriously I'm surprised I even took a shower.  Sorry if that grosses you out but I know I'm not the only one that sometimes is too lazy to even bathe.  I slept until NOON today!  Okay, really I woke up, made coffee, drank the coffee and then realized I was too sleepy to be awake one second longer so June and I went back to bed for 4 more hours.  I have not even been out to the craft house (yet) and you know that's an anomaly for  a Friday.
The good news is that I have some plans to actually do something - which is encouraging.  I bought some fabric and tulle with the intent of making a skirt similar to this.  But, I'm going to use a pattern I actually have because every time I follow a clothes making tuturial I am horribly disappointed and have wasted good fabric.
The other good news and probably the reason I was so tired this morning is that I think the work thing is going to resolve that I was so worried about this week.  I think it was something that I was making worse in my own head - does anyone else do that?  Sometimes I think I am my own worst enemy, my thoughts can sabotage and steal my peace.  So, figuring that out is a relief and I could finally sleep!
In other news I have an idea for a fun new wreath!  Once I finally get it together and get crafting I'll start it.  BTW if anyone is into felt it's 4 for $1 at Joann's right now!  I totally had to restock some of my colors so was very happy to happen upon a good sale!

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