Wednesday, April 28, 2010

what's happening wedneday

And here we are again at another Wednesday! This week was better, I've lost the water weight plus 1 lb. So, still on track! Not much gym time this week, but it's okay - I'm totally hydrating and eating better.

I donated blood tonight after work, and almost lost it. Right at the end I started to feel a little spinny and yuck. I think I totally freaked the ladies there out - sorry Red Cross ladies! The little lawn chair things you sit on came in handy, though. They elevated my legs and put my head down. I'm sure I was quite a sight! And, I heard them talking about me while I was in "cookie land". That was kind of weird.....but whatever.

Last night was the second meeting of our book club. I've decided I'm renaming it as "Literature Circle", it just sounds so much more sophisticated :) I did not come up with that term on my own, wish I did darn it! It's good, right? I think the best thing about last night was realizing that I am so not the only book nerd out there, hee hee! And it's funny how we all can read the same exact thing and have such a different perspective. Of course, it is a Christian book club so everyone was getting all this God stuff out of the book. While I was reading the whole time I was thinking how similar the book is to pretty much every other kind of book I've ever read - a little less detail in the "relationship" area if you know what I mean but seriously there's violence, sorcery, betrayal, drama, you name it. The only difference is the emphasis of the main character's faith. But, truly, if it didn't have that then it would be no different then any "secular" book. I am totally enjoying the book, it is very well written. I had not even heard of the author (Francine Rivers) before the club started and I really like her style, it's easy to read and the characters are engaging. I also really like all the detail of what life was like in 70AD, she's painting a really good picture - easy to visualize what's going on.


Julie said...

Each time I use to give blood I'd pass out so they finally just asked me not to come back. Don't know what it is exactly but just not good for me I guess.
You are doing great, you're still at it and moving along. Good for you. Keep up the great work.
Take care and God Bless!!

roseylittlethings said...

good job, i am trying to hydrate!