Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekend listing and blog title explanation....

Here's the thing: and I know this will be a shocker and so I'm sorry but be prepared - I don't have a cell phone. Yep, I know! I should have one for various reasons, blah, blah, blah. But I don't really want one. I don't want to be in the store and on the phone. I don't want to be reached at all times. I am on the phone all day at work and so sometimes being on the phone on my time is just not desirable. Except for just a few minutes ago when I was stopped at a light and my friend Jan who I haven't seen in OVER a week honked and we waved and then drove in our separate ways. How nice at that one second it would have been to ring her and be like - "what's up dude?"

And so it's Easter weekend!!! Will the Easter bunny be at your house this weekend? I have to confess that I will be laying low. I'll go to church for sure, that will be nice. And I've sort of made a traditional meal of pasta salad with lots of artichoke hearts, asparagas, and a slice of ham. No big whoop for sure but it's always what I want on Easter. So, since that is really the biggest plan that I have I figured maybe I need to make a list of things to accomplish! Here goes:

1. Remember this quilt? Ya, me neither! I haven't worked on it since I sewed the top together so I was thinking maybe I'll drag it out and put the layers together.
2. I started a crochet project for an up coming swap, it's a Matroyska doll and it needs some embroidery and stuff added to it.
3. I might, maybe have a tutorial to share???? I don't even know. It's pretty lame, but I have made something for myself that others may or may not want to use themselves.
4. Okay, this one I'm pretty excited about actually - I get the "Victorian Trading Company" catalog to drool over and I saw a couple of things in there that I might try to make myself! I'll share pics if it works out well.
5. And I think I'll figure out how to make some pinwheel quilt squares so I don't embarrass myself when I make the real square for the April block in the quilting bee I'm participating in.

Since 5 is my favorite number I'll stop there on my list!

Also, I was talking to my dear friend, Aimee Bojangles (Bojangles isn't really part of her name but in my head that's how I think of her), and so we were blogtalking and I realized that I never had explained the reason behind the name of my blog title. Here it goes: When I was in high school I would constantly draw cartoons in class when I really should have been diligently learning. Did I ever mention that I got a D in Art class??? Well, maybe I was drawing cartoons....anyways Moppy Jane was my alter ego. She was super quirky and dorky but also had a super cute boyfriend. Ummm, basically the boyfriend part was just what I really wanted at the time - the super quirky dorky part was, and is, still true! LOL So, I'm working on a little cartoon drawing to add to my header if I can actually figure out how to make my own. We'll see, I'm not really that smart!

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    roseylittlethings said...

    glad you finally explained, was wondering:) have a happy easter! xo