Thursday, April 29, 2010

the quilt finale

So, my friend Jan had asked me like for-ever ago to make her a cover for her kindle. I was thinking about what kind of fabric and what style and what in the world I wanted it to look like forever. And then, last weekend I was digging through my fabric totes and came across this little scrap of owl fabric that I had bought at the quilt store like before Christmas from the scrap bin. The scrap bin is this cool wire basket FULL of scraps and you pay a nominal fee per pound. I had squirreled away this piece of fabric specifically with the intent purpose of making something for Jan because she is in an owl phase right now......and so here's the finished product:
Kindle cover for Jan
I really like the way it turned out, and best part was is that it was all fabric from my stash - bonus! One teensy little thing that I did not think through was the self adhesive velcro. In theory a good idea, but the stickum wore out! Other than that I like how it turned out. I vaguely used this tutorial for the seaming. Straight quilting is so much easier! And I used a denser type batting which seemed easier to work with too.

So, without further ado - here is my first ever quilt!!!! I'm not even going to point out all the mistake even though there are several. Just know they are there!
So, I followed the recipe for the "scruffily quilt" on the Moda Bake Shop. I just used all of my own fabric and stuff from my Mom's stash. I bought the dark browns because my Mom said she always gets rid of those colors! LOL we laughed about that! I changed the size of the squares to accomodate a couple fabric pieces that I had that weren't quite big enough. I also turned some of the squares on point. And, I stitched in the ditch for quilting, and then hand sewed a fun button in the center of all the small squares. 100_2023[1]
Okay, so the back......what to say here? I used a new flannel sheet, nice and cozy, but a teensy bit too small. I thought - brilliant! I'll just put a strip of squares down the back like I've seen so many other people do. In theory a good idea, but I couldn't get the front and back squares to line up just right so the stitching is a little off on the back.....bah! I'm letting it go, though because frankly if I ripped the seams out any more I might as well just scrap it. My Mom kept reminding me, "it's just your first quilt, it's okay" so that's what I'm going with. I will get better with the next one, right?


roseylittlethings said...

It looks fab! no one will notice the mistakes but you, we are our own worst critics!

Evelyn said...

Congrats on your first quilt! It looks great!! There isn't really any good way to match the front and back, so don't be hard on yourself over that. And that kindle cover is really cute. Great job!