Friday, August 29, 2014


Hey remember my last post where I said that I miss the security of having Scott around?  Yeah.  So that day a local sheriff was shot in the face and side while making a routine traffic stop here in town.  There was then a manhunt by police/sheriff to find the guy.  So, that's scary enough.  Thankfully they found the guy about 5:30 in the morning while he was trying to get out of town.  That was Wednesday.

Thursday morning I went out to get in my car to leave for work.  I had parked on the street right in front of my house because I had thought the night before I was going to do something and then ended up not doing it.  I also forgot to lock one of the car doors.  So.  I go to open the car door and notice that the door wasn't completely shut.  Dang!  I thought.  I hope I didn't run my battery down.  Get in the car and notice that the glove box is wide open.  and I have a center console the opens up and all the contents are on the passenger seat.  I start to run through what I had in there and it dawns on me that I had an extra house key because one time I locked myself out of the house.  The extra key, some tylenol and a cell charger were the only things I could tell were missing.  Cue hyperventilation, feeling like I'm gonna barf and crying.  

I immediately called the local lock shop and made an appointment for that afternoon to have my locks re-keyed.  The whole time waiting for that appointment I was at work worrying if someone was at that moment getting into my house, stealing things or worse hurting my dogs!  $95 later the locks were re-keyed and I thought I had some peace of mind.

Until dark.  Every time the dogs would run outside or bark I thought, is this it?  Is there an intruder?  Normally I sleep with windows open to get a nice cross breeze.  Nope.  Windows shut and locked.  My bedroom was stuffy so I had that window open but kept imagining the worst.  What would I do if someone started to get in?  Would it alert the dogs?  Would I hear it?  I would kind of drift to "sleep" when I'd jerk awake thinking I'd heard something.  Couldn't get comfortable.  Ended up shutting the window and got maybe one hour of sleep.

I am so tired.  I don't understand the thoughtlessness of some punk.  I don't understand why someone could feel like they have a right to get into someone else's car and rifle through it. And of course the timing of it at the same time as the shooting was really unnerving.   I didn't really worry about these kinds of things when Scott was alive.  I didn't fear for my safety.  And I miss that so much.  I miss him so much.

 I am also thankful that I could afford to have the locks re-keyed and I'm thankful nothing else was taken and nothing was broken.  It could have been so much worse and I'm so, so thankful that it wasn't.

p.s. the cell charger was broken so take that punks!

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