Sunday, August 10, 2014

making and finishing

I have a few finished objects to share with you!  I have been busy testing out my new machine!  And knitting!  I'm going to go in order of finishing, so first up is my neon socks!  These are super bright and I love them!  I also love that Rocky is in the backround looking at me like I am ca-razy!  Could be.
Here you can see that the colors didn't quite line up, which I'm okay with.  The way the yarn is in the ball I couldn't tell what colors would be coming next and I didn't want to unravel the whole thing to get them to line up.
  Also, for information purposes, it is hard to get a picture of your own feet!  For the top one I held out my camera like taking a really low selfie and that seemed to work the best.
Friday night I made this cute little zipper pouch.  I really like the way it turned out!  I love the fabric, it was just a scrap that Jan had left over from a project that she had given me.  I'm hoping that Joann's has more.  I also made a little beaded zipper pull for it that I think turned out cute.  This is currently in the mail on it's way to a friend.

And then, dun dunna dun!   My first finished quilt with my new machine!!!!!!!  This worked up really quickly!  I used basting spray and safety pins to baste the layers yesterday morning.  Flannel is so fiddly that I literally at one point wanted to chuck it!  But, glad I didn't because it's so soft and preeeeeetty :)  This was a large piece that Mom sent me.  She had gotten a super good deal on it at a yard sale or thrift in Chico.  And, bonus, it was already sewn into a large backing for me!  Altogether I think the quilt is about 72 inches X 72 inches.  The quilting only took about 3 hours.  Then I'd say another 1.5 or so hours to make the binding and attach it.  Which I think is pretty good! 

I really am appreciating the features on this machine that make it obvious it's for quilting.  There is a button to push that makes the needle stop in the down position every time (love!) and the auto thread cutting is nice.  There is a separate motor for the bobbin winder so you don't have to unthread and stop in the middle of whatever you're working on.  Nice!  Also, there's a button that automatically makes a little knot at the beginning or when you stop sewing.  And the tension and stitches are just nice.  You still have to control it yourself with moving the fabric around but it seems easier with this machine compared to my old machines.  I'm thankful I had those old machines to learn on though.  Is it sad that I feel loyal to an inanimate object? LOL

Here's a close up of the front and you can see the binding.  I had this really fun, funky toadstool fabric in my stash for awhile now.  I kept trying to put it into a project but it never quite fit.  So, I was pawing through fabrics yesterday after I had finished stippling and grabbed it up.  It's a different choice for sure but I think it works.
Here is the whole quilt view.

And look out!  Dog with a cone coming through! Dog with a cone people!   Inevitably whenever I'm taking pictures of one of my projects one of the boys needs to be right in the middle of it!  This time it's Joey.  He is in the cone from his ear surgery.  Which is going really well, healing really well.  This week we'll start taking out sutures.  
This is my favorite fabric probably in the whole quilt.  It's a fun little vintage print that Mom had in her stash.  She shared a piece of it with me so I put a few squares of it in this quilt.  It's all little items that represent luck.

So, that's it so far.  I did also hem up a tshirt for Jan's husband and it turned out well but that's boring, right?  I did get to try out the twin needle top stitching and I lurve it!  Like super love it.  I had big, big plans for today making zipper pouches but then house cleaning kind of had to happen today so you know.

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