Sunday, August 17, 2014

hermit crab

Like anyone grieving, I've gone through some phases.  Last summer I really didn't want to be home.  I wanted to be a beach bum as much as possible.  This year I could easily be a beach bum again but dang that gets expensive! Gas, hotel, dog kenneling.  This summer I am more of a hermit crab.  I am very much annoyed if I have too much to do during a week or on the weekend.  I'd rather just stay home with my pooches.  Preferably in pajamas :) grin.

This weekend has been pretty good.  I sewed, watched movies and chilled all day yesterday and then last night went to trivia night at a pizza parlor with friends.  Our team was losing until the last question when we made a wicked comeback listing 10 of the 16 legends in the song Vogue by Madonna!!!!!  Each correct answer was 10 points so we went from losing to 2nd place!  It was pretty funny.

Today I have done a little more sewing, knitting and watching podcasts.  Oh yeah and I just woke up from a 2 hour nap :)  I'm working on a new pair of socks - surprised? LOL not so much.  I started last Sunday and have been just trucking along and today I am right at adding the heel.  Isn't this yarn fun?  I bought it last year on one of my trips to the coast.  It reminded me of Halloween.

I edited this post to add pictures of a couple of the zipper bags I made this weekend.  I actually made 4 more but gave them away before getting pictures!  So, these two look the same but are a bit different.  I used iron on fleece for one and then regular stiff interfacing on the other.  So far I think the fleece is a bit easier to sew for me because it's like quilting but is squishier so not sure I like it for the bags.  Buuuuuut, I've seen other bloggers have used it so thought I'd give it a try.
 Okay, and here is where I run into most of my frustration with the bags.  Once you sew the sides along the zipper edges and then flip everything inside out to finish it's super puckery on the sides, like the green one.  Most instructions say to sew the zipper folded towards the outside and that happens every time.  By a happy accident I had folded the zipper towards the inside and I think it came out better, a little more flush.  It's easier to see in person of course.

These two bags are destined for a fairy princess named Charese!  She wanted them to put in her car to help keep her organized.  

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