Friday, August 22, 2014


I've been knitting, knitting, knitting!  Here is sock #1 of my plum medley socks.  Plum Medley is the actual colorway name.  I felt like it was very Fall and Halloween.  I started this sock on August 10th and finished today, the 22nd.  So, 12 days mostly knitting 1/2 hour a day and the last couple days my internal alarm has woken me up earlier than my alarm so have knit about an hour each day.

I went with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel (FLK) again and it went very smoothly.  I still have a teensy gap on one side so I will just add a couple stitches there but no gap on the other side.  I will have to pay more attention to try and figure out just why I'm coming up with a gap.

Today I had a half day of work since I'll be working Saturday morning.  Even though I know I'll be working tomorrow I still feel like I'm getting a vacation day somehow!  Isn't that funny?  The boys love it, I came home at regular lunch time and they haven't had to get back in their kennels.  Joey has a vet visit in a bit to get more sutures removed from his ear.  His ear is healing so well from his surgery, I'm really hoping there are no setbacks once all the sutures have been taken out.

Let's see, what else is new?  Honestly not much.  Temps are dipping back down into the 40's at night but still warm during the day.  I'm glad not to have to turn on the air conditioner, which I really just have for the boys to be comfortable during the day.  This is the sweet time during the year where my electric bill relaxes.  No air and no heat, it's pretty perfect!

I realized some time this week that I haven't done any canning.  Usually by this time I've made strawberry rhubarb jam and at least one batch of pickles.  The thing is last year I didn't eat all the pickles I made!  I still have 4 or 5 jars.  I made a triple batch last year because I had gone through them so quickly the year before.  So, I'm still deciding what I'll do.  If I decide to make some pickles I will only make one batch.  I think I want to make jam for sure but rhubarb isn't ready yet.

My Mom and I have a trip to the coast coming up!  I can't wait :)  I won't say when we're going in case any creepers read my blog. (I don't think so but must be careful) I'm really needing some beach time.  Some just sit and soak in the sound of the waves.  Some knitting in a chair in the sun or even overcast fogginess.  Just ocean time!  And, Mom time.  It's going to be good.

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