Sunday, August 3, 2014

new sewing machine

Well, I did it!  I bought a new sewing machine!  Yesterday I drove over to Medford and bought it and set it up this morning!!!!!!  
So, here she is all set up.  There's a little table thing that slides up to it.  Honestly I don't think I'll use it for regular sewing, but for a quilt I think it will be nice.  This morning I was reading the instruction book and there is an overlock stitch and coordinating foot - that means it does the same stitch as a serger would!!!!!  There is also a setting for twin needle stitching, and it came with a twin needle.  I'm really looking forward to trying that.  

Look at all the feet it came with!  There is a walking foot, blind hem, open darning foot (for quilting), zipper foot, button hole, so many!  

 Once I got it out of the box and set up I realized that it is right about the size of my old Millie, the brother machine I've been quilting with.  Which is nice because I'm already used to the size of the machine from that.  It's definitely bigger than my Singer and more substantial than that one.  There are so many features to try out!

Here's the first finished project with my new machine!  A zipper pouch with a fun beaded zipper pull.  I know it's not Fall yet but I saw this fabric at Joann's and had to get a bit to make a pouch!  I thought it would be fun in the Fall to have a project bag with that theme :)  The off white fabric at the bottom I sewed a thin ribbon on either side to help it stand out a bit.  I should have put the stripe towards the top of the pouch, I didn't think it would end up so low after putting in the gussets.  eh.  I lined it in the same fabric.

 Here's a little close up on the zipper pull.  Kay from my new favorite podcast, The Bakery Bears, makes little beaded zipper pulls on her pouches.  So, you know, I had to copy her!

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