Tuesday, December 28, 2010

while the snow falls

Look who followed me to work today!  Good thing too because it's snowy out and she adds a little color to the day :)  I made her last night whilst in a blue mood, to help cheer me.  It worked.  I find when I am feeling low that it helps to do something productive like make something cute out of my favorite fabric!  This little tomte is definitely smaller that the Christmas one, I just redrew it to be smaller and set to work.
What else I was thinking about today is all the nicknames that I have for the dogs.  Does anyone else do that?  Like for June, she could be June bug, June Balloon, Juney baby, Bucket (which evolved from Bugette), Bug dog and many many more.  Rocky could be called Runkus, Runkleby, Runk a chunk, Chunk, Chunkus.  Joey is Joe Bear, JoJo.  I also like to sing songs to the dogs - currently I sing to June "Sweet June Balloon, sweetest girl in the whole wide world" set to the tune of Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

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