Saturday, December 4, 2010

Keeping cozy

So, Thursday it literally snowed alllll day long!  Even with all that snow, the roads have not been too bad, mostly clear - hooray for snow plows!  This is what my car looked like when I went out to warm it up:
Brrrr.  Yesterday June and I took it easy, as we did today too.  Who am I kidding?  We'll probably chill out all weekend :)  So, what have I been working on?  You'll remember that I tried my hand at the single wedding ring, and was not too thrilled with the results although the ladies at work thought I had gone mental.  So, I tried the tutorial, quilt-a-long from Comfortstitching, the pickle dish.  Results very similar to the wedding ring square (circle?) but a little bit more user friendly.  Only tricky thing was pressing the seams away from the white - the seam automatically wants to go to the white part!
Christmas pickledish
I haven't quilted or anything else yet, but here's what I have so far.  I have a nice bit of advice for someone trying the paper piecing type thing - I used old Joann's flyers for my templates.  The paper is easy to tear away once you've gotten done with it, and it's kind of like recycling a bit :)  So, what do you think?  Not comletely round, but not bad.  There is one spot that didn't want to match up, and I'm going to try reaaaalllly hard to not point it out. 

I put up some Christmas decorations this morning as well, that's always fun to do!   A couple weeks ago Jan invited me over to scrapbook, but I just couldn't scrapbook so I worked on this wreath instead :)  I think it turned out pretty good!  I LOVE these vintage deer and pick them up at the thrift or wherever whenever I can and thought it was pretty much perfect to do a little Christmas wreath vignette.
Christmas yarn wreath
What about you?  Have you started to put up decorations yet???  Getting in the Christmas spirit?  I pretty much listen to Christmas music all year long, mostly Bing Crosby, so I'm thrilled that it's the proper season to listen to Christmas music!

In other news, I noticed that Beverly Lewis has a new book out!  I'm hoping that the library will get it.....or I might even break down and buy it! 

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