Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas recap

So, since the doctors I work for are out of the office they let us have Thursday last week and Thursday this coming week off so we have two long holiday weekends in a row.  Fridays the office is closed already.  OMG I don't think I can handle this much time not working.....jk, jk. I kid.  There's been lots of sleeping, reading, sewing, dog hang time and a little baking going on.  Oh and movie watching.  I rented the new Disney version of a Christmas Carol and I have to say that if I were a kid watching it I might have been scared in a couple of places, but I thought it was really good.  I baked a couple batches of deeee-lishus persimmon cookies.  They come out so very moist and yummy.  This is the recipe I used sans raisins.  I think today I will bake bread?  We'll see.
In the sewing department, I just can't seem to stay away from the pickledish.  I just love the look of a white backround with the Christmas colors.  So, I made a pillow.  It turned out sort of biggish 20 x 20".  I think I will need to make my own pillow form as the stardard I think is like 18".  No biggie.  Here it is unstuffed:
Christmas pillow
And the back is just a plain patchwork. I was feeling so, um, what's the word I want here??? Accomplished, proud, smug - I don't know. That I actually figured out measurements for squares to fit the final size - something that sort of eludes me I must admit. I usually cut out a bunch of squares I think will fit and then get them sewn together and then duh, must either trim or add more fabric in an odd amount. Does anyone else do that? Anywhoo, here I was all finished and then - ding dong! Realized that I am not a measuring genius as previously thought because I had not thought through an opening for the actual pillow. I'm not ready to even think about zippers yet! So, cut the whole thing in half and added a little fabric panel. yep, genius ;)
Christmas pillow back
Christmas Eve I went to the candlelight service at church, it was very nice.  Seriously sometimes I can't handle listening to carols being sung in person, I get kind of choked up.  It's like all these songs that are so familiar, but maybe in the radio versions or whatnot some of the verses are cut out and then when you sing or hear them sung from the whole thing it just gets me.  I can't explain it.  It's just the way that the old school writers just nailed things.  In a good way.  Also, picked up the next book we will be reading for book club from the pastor's wife.  I have to say that I am already more than halfway through!  Geez.  I can't even help it. 
It seems a little weird to be going to work tomorrow?  After so much time off and sleeping til I please I hope I will not ignore the alarm!

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