Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Klamath to Chico and back again

This past weekend I drove down to Chico to visit my Mom for an early Christmas.  I soooo didn't want to try and drive down on a holiday weekend!  So, picked the weekend before and that seemed to work well.  Not too much traffic on the way down and like none on Monday!  Perfect :)  We had a good time visiting and shopping and I gave her her gift - a scrapbook of our time in Florida.  Saturday we went to the mall and Kohl's and the grocery store.  Why would we go to the grocery store?  Well, I was on a mission to find persimmons!  And I did - loads of them, all pretty much perfectly ripe!!!!  Ya-hoooo.  So, the funny part was that I looked at the sign and it said .68 cents.  Dang, what a great price per pound!  So I filled the bag and had about 5lbs.  Got to the register and the girl asked me how many I had, hmmmm I don't know?  Ding, ding, ding!  I dawned on me that it was .68cents each, not per pound!  Oh, well - $8.16 for perfectly ripe beautiful orange persimmons - I've spent money on worse things.  I plan to make cookies and hopefully bread, yum.
Mom and me
Sunday we went to Barnes and Noble, grabbed a bunch of magazines and parked it in the Starbuck's. It was fab. We both love the UK and Australian magazines and there was no shortage of selection. Then, on to Olive Garden to meet her good friend Nelly for dinner. It was deeeeelish! I haven't been to OG in like over a year or more! There isn't one here and I hardly get over to Medford.
I also got to meet my best friend Jeannette for lunch, that was really nice as well. I hadn't seen her since Summer, I think?
Here is my Mom's cat, Minerva. Whenever we couldn't find her, we'd look in the guest room on my bed, and there she'd be! She was very reluctant to move.
Okay, so these next two pictures are for my Mom. It's hard to explain what "wet" snow is. On the drive home it snowed basically from Mt. Shasta city all the way past Weed, which really isn't too far. I could tell from the snow on the side of the road that it had definitely snowed over the weekend, but it wasn't bad on the road. So, here is the view while driving. Don't mind the crack in my old school car window :)
Looks yucky, but the road is just wet like it's been raining. Now, if I were driving on this at night it would possibly be black ice.
Then, as I drive through Weed towards Hwy 97 which will take me home, the skies start clearing and this is the view I have:
Wacky, huh??? I just looks like it may have rained at some point during the day, no snow in sight! Beautiful drive the rest of the way home.
So, it definitely dumped snow over the weekend while I was gone, because I left my yard grass and came home to snow:
and my walkway after shoveling:
So, truly you never can tell what the weather will do up here! Today was freezing and windy all day, as I type it is 34 degrees. It will for sure freeze and be icy tonight. I am so thankful for my heater!!!!

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