Saturday, December 11, 2010

drizzly Saturday

Here's what I've decided:  I absolutely need to make one of these "tomte's".  It's from a book called Scandinavian Stitches, I looked for the book at Joann's and Michael's yesterday with no luck.  Her blog is also nice to look at.  But, I can't wait to order a book online so therefore I will do what I've been known to do in the past and WING it!  It shouldn't be too hard.  I don't know why but I've been hiding a little bit from doing my bee squares for last month and this month!  It could be that I'm a little intimidated by them.  Like I've let that stop me before, right?  I will make myself sew them before I can make a tomte.  Yeah, yeah that's the ticket.

So today is rainy and chilly and so I have a soup on in the crock pot :)  I love when I can get up and get something in the crock pot nice and early, and have all the ingredients on hand.  That's really the ticket there - no preplanning involved.

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