Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ya-hooo is all I have to say! I'm down 1 lb so I'm happy! I thought for sure I would have gained or at the very least stayed the same with Thanksgiving (and two cheesecake options! Bah!) and no spinning class last week. The other days I tried to be good with cutting my portions, so I guess it paid off.

I have a few crafty things in the works. I am crochetting a scarf that I might give as a gift depending on how it turns out! Then, Joanns had flannel on sale the day after Thanksgiving for $1.49 a yard so I picked out two super duper cute prints to make pj pants. One pair for sure is going to be a gift and then the other might be for myself. I am also almost done with the Christmas advent calendar - I HAVE to finish it this weekend fo sho! I was stumped though last weekend on whether I wanted to embellish each little pocket or leave it plain. I think I've decided to embellish - after all I have all these fun embellishments! Why not use them :)

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roseylittlethings said...

good for you! I hope this week goes great for you and can't wait to see your crafts!