Thursday, December 24, 2009

A little Christmas cheer perhaps

This tree pic didn't come out so good, did it? Hmmm. Well I guess you get the idea anyway. Sorry about all the dust!! I started it last year from an ornament kit that I found at the thrift. It's got sequins, beads, little pearls and they are fixed with straight pins. The styrofoam tree was first wrapped in pink ribbon and then I started sticking in the pins. I thought about covering the entire thing - I might still. It's pretty time consuming though!

Next is this super cute little linen circle that Jan gave me. It was a decoration from her Grandma Violet, it could be from Norway since her Grandma had a ton of stuff from there. I just love the joy of the little elves!

And, I have taken to collecting these little deer. The tan one on the far left I found at the thrift and it was still in the package, it has a little sticker on it's belly that says "Japan", there were two of them. I'm just digging deer shapes and silhouttes! Some of them are quite ugly - but I have plans to experiment with flocking. Michaels has a good selection of Martha Stewart glitters and flocking - I'm thinking possibly pink or just a new red. Of course, there is the seasonal page in the frame.

I have a whole list of stuff to get done this weekend since it is extra long! Maybe by next week I will have pics of finished projects!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!

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