Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today I am so thankful for my dogs. My bff Jan called me today and was tres upset because her dog Brewster was sick - at the vet and she was having to make some tough, difficult and heartbreaking decisions about what to do next. I offered to be there with her to give whatever support I could, although in that situation I don't know what you can do to comfort someone. Jan went into the vet with her beloved Brewster, the grouchy and loving old man dog - and we left with a cardboard box. It really happened so quickly that I'm still wondering what exactly just happened??? I believe that pets go to heaven. I have always believed that. They are one of God's creation and I believe that he loves them. In some small way that is a comfort - believing that Brewster is no longer in pain or scared. I am so sorry for her and her family. I came home and hugged my cuckoo dogs like crazy and let Sam jump up on me without reproach. I know they will not live forever, but all they want is love. And they have so much love to give and I am thankful for that. And, they keep my feet warm at night :)

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