Wednesday, October 7, 2009

here's what I've decided and wlw

And frankly this is not earth-shattering or revolutionary in any way except to me. I've decided that if I like something it doesn't matter if someone else doesn't, right? I like the stuff I do, and just because say, a close friend, doesn't - doesn't mean that my work is suddenly crap. So there.

Now that is taken care of and off my chest :) I did not lose any weight, but also did not gain :) I'll be happy with that especially since I had a salt-fest this weekend!

And, can I please tell you that our new bible study is AWESOME!!! Just plain ol good stuff. Love it. We're doing "Believing God" which is another Beth Moore study. I had actually started this same study like 5 or so years ago when I first was really serious about my walk. So, it's been cool to see where I was then and compare to where I am now. I think this study is meaning a little more to me personally because I can share it with friends. The first time around I didn't know anyone else and so I was just absorbing everything. This time, I can discuss things and watch friends grow.

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