Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have rummaged

So Jan, her Mom in Law, and Sis in Law and I headed to the annual rummage sale at the fairgrounds yesterday. And guess what day it was??? Bag sale day! Anything you could fit in a bag for $4. So, here's how lame I am (and cheap) - I had really only budgeted $2 for the sale and at first was kind of bummed that it was twice as much as I wanted to spend. Until I got to the blanket/linen table, that is! There were a TON of old sheets. And, an old lady who was about to get to the pretty ones. I felt a little sneaky grabbing them up before her, but I guess that's how it goes at rummage sales? I'm thinking that all the sheets came from the same house, they are all from JC Penney and full sized, except one set of CA king. There is also a Strawberry Shortcake sheet that I just HAD to have!!! Here's a funny story - when I was in high school I went through a phase where I only wanted to wear homemade dresses. The catch is that I also wanted to wear tights that didn't match and my red sweatshirt. I wore my red sweatshirt with everything pretty much. And when I wasn't wearing tights I was wearing purple socks. Anywhoo - I had a Strawberry Shortcake sheet from when I was a kid and cut it up into a dress. But I cut the bodice out with the characters upside down so I never wore it! BAH! So, anyways I had to have that sheet. I will incorporate it in something for sure :)
I also snagged a wool sweater vest that if I don't want to wear I am going to felt. And some really cute old children's books that I have some fun ideas for cards/scrapbooking stuff. I also grabbed an embroidery hoop that is missing the tightener part, but I want to use it to make one of those pincushion threadcatcher things and thought the hoop would be perfect to sew the fabric around to keep the threadcatcher open.
I started to sew my quilt squares last night. Of course, I started stressing out about the thread contrasting because I started with one of the dark brown ones and the thread I had picked out looked terrible. So I ran over to Joanns and grabbed some dark brown thread. I sewed all the brown squares and today started on the green ones (with green thread).

So BTW it is absolutely freezing!!!! here! Freezing. Today when I drove by the bank thermometer it read 43!!!! Yesterday was like 44 b/c the sun was out. So, here's June keeping cozy on the couch, and as you can see she had made herself a little bed by pulling back the sheet and blanket I keep over the couch to keep her black fur from getting all over it! Little stinker :)

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roseylittlethings said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the sheet to the far left.... SO PRETTY! I think I remember the red sweat shirt:)