Sunday, October 11, 2009

distract me with barrettes

Started sewing all the squares together for the quilt, got to the second row and realized that there were two squares right next to each other that had the same center - bah! Then, at the third row realized that one center was on point that really shouldn't be, so I had to take all the stitching out and resew it. About that time I realized I should work on something else :) Hence, the butterfly barrette. I saw the original on "One Pretty Thing" from Lollychops and thought it was so cute! Mine is actually my own doodled butterfly and I cut it out from 3 different types of fabric, then scrunched it in the middle and sewed on the button (one from my Mom's vintage stash hoorah!) and then I hot-glued it to a clip because I couldn't figure out how to sew it on :) I think I'll trim up the edges a little but otherwise I likey :) I will maybe also make one from the pattern from Lollychops b/c it's super cute.

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