Sunday, November 30, 2014

pom love

So yesterday I bought this pom pom maker and I'm ridiculously glad I did.  I've always made them using a piece of cardboard and wrap the yarn around, then shimmy if off and tie yarn to hold it all together.  Or wrapped yarn around my fingers for the same effect.  So, really, I didn't neeeeed a pom pom maker.  This is nice because there are sizes to choose from.  There was also a set of smaller poms which I think I'll go back and get.  The smaller ones will be perfect for knitted bunny tails :)

Here is my first pom.  Getting just this one picture this morning was kind of a task because George feels like she has to be in the middle of everything!  This is a thin yarn, I just grabbed what was close to try it out.  I can imagine how poufy the poms will be with thicker yarn!  Love.

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