Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas decorations

I started putting up Christmas decorations.  I felt like I just had to even though I'm feeling crummy.  But, here's the thing - I needed to vacuum so I thought I should dust first, which meant I was moving things around anyway, so why not just trade things out?  Right.  

This is the little table right by the front door that I set my keys on.  Jan gave me that linen table top thing with the elves dancing, it had been in her Grandma's Christmas things and she had thought I might like it.  She was right!  
I have been collecting nutcrackers for many years.  I put a few on this little table, a couple in the kitchen and the rest are around the tv.

I love my light up Christmas village!  Last year I left it up so long!  I forgot the snow last year though I think.  Eh.  Usually those pictures are on top of the bookcase, but while I was dusting I was setting them one by one on the top shelf there and I kind of like how it looks.  

Here are the rest of the nutcrackers.  Not a very cute or exciting picture - such is life right?  I kid.  So, I bought the little owl wax warmer this morning at Joann's and I am digging it.  So, Scentsy is a big thing right now and it's one of those companies you order from someone you know type thing.  The scented wax isn't too pricey but the warmers are spendy!  So, Joann's had 70% warmers today which made this bird like less than $7.  And, Glade and all kinds of brands are making the scented wax squares now so, score!
And here's Miss George, napping as usual.  The corner behind this chair is where I might put a Christmas tree.  I am thinking a small one?  I would put that end table in the corner so Joey can't stand on it.  He likes to stand on that table which is why there isn't anything on it except the computer wifi thing.

I'm going to warn you all now that December is coming and December is a verrrry hard month for me.  As is April.  But, just so you know I may be sad, sparse or who even knows this month.  Last year were all the firsts without him and this year I just don't know how it will be.  I'm already feeling a heaviness, a deep sadness that life has gone on without him.  I'm just addressing this now because I've noticed from my blog reader thing that maybe people are actually reading my blog (besides my Mom!) and may not know me - but this is my life, I am a widow and it's been 20 months.  It's not like I share everything here but it is my space to be me and get out what I need to.  I'm sure it won't be all sad because I still have to keep going, keep knitting, keep sewing, keep my head up.

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