Sunday, November 16, 2014

oh fabric

Okay fine.  I bought some fabric yesterday!  I kind of had to if you know what I mean.  I really just went in to Joann's because I happened to be in the neighborhood and thought I'd browse around.  And, right when you walk in is the Christmas fabric!!!!! BAH!  And then it went a little something like this: thinking about the project bags that just sold out from A Homespun House, which is one of the podcasts I watch and she just had the cutest ever Christmas project bags but I didn't want to spend $40 on one since I know I can make my own - but it's the fabric! that I wanted. So here I was in front of the Christmas fabric and I thought I'll just see if there's anything close to what she used because I don't just want any old Christmas fabric!  And I really wanted the little peppermint candy fabric that she used.  There wasn't any of that so I thought I was safe.

I was until I came across some clearance fabric that I thought said Downton Abbey on it.  It didn't.  It said Westminster Abbey.  But!  Cute little British landmarks!  Really though, how could I resist?  Well, we all know I couldn't and that's how it's sitting on my kitchen table.
And then it was like, well I don't want to go to the cutting counter for just one thing.  I did see a cute elf fabric after all.  And I don't need much fabric for a project bag.  Then I spotted some peppermint candy fabric and I was done!!!!  
And then I realized that I am out of interfacing.  Interfacing is one of those things that's just not fun to buy but you've gotta have it.  So, I didn't go overboard and I have some super cute fabric to make a couple project bags.  Because apparently December 1st I will need to put my knitting in Christmas themed bags!  Oh man.

Yesterday was quite a full day by my standards.  I worked in the morning.  At one I met Karla to watch her oldest son's first "biddy ball" game, which is basketball for 4 year olds.  Oh man that was funny!  These kids have no idea what's going on and there are adults down there shooing and wrangling and directing them around.  So funny!  And then randomly one of the kids might melt down or slide with the ball or swing around one of the hoop poles.  Baha!  

We went to coffee after that to chat and catch up since we don't see each other every day any more.  It was nice, we went to Starbuck's which happened to be having buy one get one free on their holiday flavors.  So we both tried chestnut praline lattes.  Then, I trolled over to Joann's (see above).  At 6:30 I went to a lights out zumba fundraiser for a 4 year old little girl who is a cancer survivor.  It was really fun!  Jan had gotten us glow in the dark bracelets and rings and it was just fun to dance/workout with friends.  And Aly, the little girl, got up on the stage towards the end and was just soaking up the spotlight and dancing, dancing, dancing!  

Today being my only full day off this week, I am chilllllllling out!  I might make those holiday project bags.  Or I might knit and watch movies the rest of the day.  I don't know yet.  Do you want to see what I've been knitting?  Cuz I'm gunna show you anyway :)
I started this hat Tuesday at knit night at my LYS.  The picture above it how much I had done by Wednesday!  It's been a really quick knit.  It is the Jul hat by Wiksten.  I had seen it knit up on another blog that I follow and thought it was super cute.  I'm not much of a hat person myself but I really like the subtle texture and it's sort of slouchy.  I filed it away as a possible gift idea.  And now that I'm thinking Christmas is right around the corner I started to knit it up with a special lady in mind.  I asked her if she wears hats and she said she has trouble finding hats that fit well because she has a small head.  Humpf.  

So, I did cast on the recommended amount of stitches but I knit tightly so I think it will be okay.  And I didn't go up a needle size after the ribbing.  And I had Jan try it on and she said it may be too small.  But, I'm not going to fret because the ribbing is stretchy and yarn tends to stretch as well with wearing.

Look how far I've gotten since Tuesday! 
I have one more set of 8 rounds for the texture stitches and then I start to decrease.  I'm very pleased with how it's turning out.  The yarn is beautiful, it's the Berocco Ultra Alpaca that I bought in Mendocino with my Mom.  It's 50% alpaca and 50% wool and is super soft and squishy.

I almost forgot that I received my Ipsy bag yesterday too!  I'm not sure that I really love the cosmetics but the little zipper pouch is silver sparkly!  I've decided that it needs to be a notions pouch.  I already have one but I have two of a lot of my knitting items and that way I can have one for home and one to take to go!

oh, p.s. we did have our first snow this week, which melted off before 10am!  It has been super cold, right now it's 28 and we're supposed to have a high of 41!  I am so thankful for my heater! and my job to pay the bill :)

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