Saturday, November 8, 2014

finally weekend

I probably say this every week but this week was a doozy!  Yikes.  Drama at the office man.  I heard about it but I am just too busy to get involved, so I stay in my safety bubble.  But, you know how no matter how much you stay out of something the tension just permeates?  The chatter was still felt, I'll just put it that way.

I had a meltdown midweek.  I did write a post about it but then didn't end up posting it.  Widowhood is not easy, folks.  This week was physically hard for me, I've been sick.  So, trying to keep up with my normal work schedule plus some overtime and being sick have been taxing.  And the backround drama chatter, and not sleeping well.  And dang it, I miss my husband.  He would have brought me juice, jello and gummy worms and probably soup. And kleenex since my nose will not stop running. And comfort, hugs, love.  So yeah I had a poor me moment, played some sad music and let myself cry it out.  For some reason I tend to hold my emotion close, like save it for later.  So later came and I let it go.

And, then the next day felt slightly better.  And the sweetest thing happened, a coworker who is only in the office once a week brought me 2 homemade cinnamon rolls!  Just me.  I really thought that was the nicest, most thoughtful thing.  They were absolutely delicious and I had two sweet breakfasts.  And I had proof that it's not all bad.

In other news, you may have guessed that sewing did not happen last weekend!  I was too exhausted to even walk out to the craft house!  But!  I have been knitting because that takes minimal energy :)  I had started this knitted fox like forever ago and then got distracted by socks and other knitting - it happens!
The pattern is boy fox by Little Cotton Rabbits.  It's knit flat and then seamed.  Which, I have to be honest I'm not crazy about.  But, pretty much everything I've knit for the last year or so has been in the round.  I started the arms last night and modified the pattern to knit in the round and so far so good.  I think I wasn't thinking when I picked this yarn for a fox, it does have orange mixed in but it's very brown.  Are there brown foxes?  idk.  Google will know.

Once I finish this little knit I was thinking I'll finish my Dumbledore socks and then start Christmas knitting.  I don't think I have much in that department but we'll see what happens.  I should start thinking about gifts before it's like Christmas Eve, right?  

Okay I'm going to sew I think :)  Oh! before I forget though - holiday coffee creamers finally at the store!!!!!  Big news, big news.  Frosted sugar cookie is what came home with me and it is fab.  v.delish!

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