Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mr. Fox and quilt top

I've got lots of pictures to share!  Yesterday I knitted and visited with a couple friends.  It was nice while I was still feeling under the weather to just take it easy.  I got a lot done on Mr. Fox.  This morning I was determined to finish him up.  George was determined to be right in the way!

 I had just finished sewing the tail on and about to start the face and she was right up in the middle of everything, as usual!

And there she goes, sticking her curious face into my notions bag!

 And so I finally got this guy finished.  I don't really think he looks like a fox, do you?  Not sure what he looks like really but very cute.  I am planning to make him a little sweater and possibly trousers.

Tail view: 
I tried to get him to stand on his own, so here he is in some "wildlife" by the plant.

To finish the face on Mr Fox I had to go out the craft house and root around for some black yarn.  Doing so I got distracted by my modern maples quilt top that I had about 1/2 sewn together!  So, I pressed play on the book on cd I'm currently listening to and pulled up my chair to the sewing machine.  I'm listening to Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, it's the 4th book of that series.   The top is now sewn together and measures about 72 x 72.  I'm considering adding a bit of a border but not sure.

So, this is my attempt at an artsy quilt photo!  LOL  I look at other blogs and they take their finished quilt tops to fun locations or pretty places and get pictures in interesting ways.  And so I was like, hmmmmm I'm still in pjs so not going anywhere anyone can see me - what can I do with what I have?  I also have not raked my fallen leaves, quilt is maple leaves, ding dong!  I'll take a picture of my leaf quilt amongst fall leaves!  bahahahhaahhahahaaaaa haha hah ha.  So, I'm not a fancy photographer!  And I'm just fine with that.

Here's an artsy fartsy fall leaf picture for you.  I think my grass thinks it's spring because it has started growing like crazy and super green.

Anyway.  I've mentioned that I've been watching knitting podcasts.  This weekend I have been enjoying newest episodes (releases?) from my favorites.  The Dancing Geek (James) who is just lovely.  The Bakery Bears which are Dan and Kay Jones, and they had some really great news to share! Dan has gotten the all clear from an illness.  Today I got caught up on the Brant and Sherry podcast which is on itunes.  I was about to move onto something else but noticed that my google alert bell was on and the newest Come Knit With Us was released!  So I'm listening/watching that as I type.  Those girls are a hoot!  So silly.  Love them all.  I thought since I've mentioned that I started watching I'd share links so you can join too if you'd like.  I looked a bit today to see if I could find any quilting podcasts but only found audio podcasts, not video.  And they didn't seem quite as silly as these so I didn't keep listening - but if you know of any I'd love to check them out!

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