Tuesday, October 28, 2014

couch dogs

I tried a little experiment Sunday with my dogs.  I was helping my friend Jan who lives across town by letting her dogs out and feeding them this weekend.  Sunday I got up early, let my boys out and was getting ready to go to her house to do the same - and my boys were so sleeeeepy!  So, I thought, these are full grown, well behaved house dogs - maybe I could leave them out of their kennels for a couple hours.  I let Jan's dogs out, popped over to Walmart and then got home not sure what to expect.  What I found were two very sleepy couch dogs!  So, I did the same thing in the afternoon and came home to the same thing.

Yesterday I extended the time.  I came home at lunch and they were so sound asleep that Joey didn't even look up when I walked in!  I thought, maybe I'm onto something here?

Nope.  I came home tonight after knitting and discovered that 6 hours is their limit!  The trash was gotten into.  I know that doesn't seem like that big of a deal - could be WAY worse, right?  But, I know that means they were bored and probably Joey was hungry and that means trouble.  Rocky is after all the dog that used to open our fridge and ransack the shelves!

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