Sunday, October 19, 2014

end of weekend

Oh my goodness, such a lazy day today! Yesterday I drove over to Eagle Point to visit the cemetery.  It's about 1.25 hour or so drive so I've been refraining from going every week like I was for the past year.  But, as I mentioned in my last post, last week was a doozy and I was feeling antsy to talk out my feelings.  Even though I know he's not there, I still feel that need to talk to him.  So I sat there and griped about the week, cried a bunch and then drove home.  So today I was kinda pooped.

I also came across a new podcast today that is absolutely hilarious!  Seriously, I'm so glad that I've found knitting podcasts!  I'm blessed by Tuesday night knitting at my local yarn store but besides then it's nice to hear what other people are working on, learning, and all the silliness that goes on.  As the day went on I realized I'd better get busy on baking these little cakes!  Tomorrow is my friend Karla's birthday and she mentioned once that her favorite cake is pineapple upside down cake!  Mental note taken, my friend.
This is batch #2, the first one looked a little sparse so I added more batter and the sort of exploded!  LOL!  
I also stitched up a zipper bag for her.  I've been using mine that is out of the same fabric as my sock project bag that I take to work.  And she's hinted a couple times that she really likes it.  So, easy gift for me to make and give!  She doesn't knit or anything but it would probably work well as a toiletry bag for travel.  Or anything really.

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