Sunday, October 5, 2014

sewing weekend

This is one of the trees in my back yard.  It has these teensy tiny apples on it, it's kind of pretty.  Except that all those teeny apples end up on the ground, get squished and traipsed into the house by the dogs or myself.  But!  It's very Fall.
 Yesterday I didn't have any plans on my schedule.  I thought about doing several things, and at one point was going to make my way to the annual rummage sale at the fairgrounds.  But, ended up just staying home and sewing.  I worked on my Modern Maples quilt.  Now that I've added more cream backround squares and a couple of plain I like it.  Also, I really like the squares that are a mix of fabrics in the same color.  I thought about doing the whole quilt that way but I think I'm going to keep it a mix of both for now.
I had early dinner plans with a friend so I had started this mug rug just before getting ready to go and then I finished it this morning before going to church.  It's going to be heading off in a little care package with the square that I knitted.  The circle in the middle didn't quite come out perfectly circular but eh, oh well.  You can't exactly tell from the picture but the binding is glittery fabric.  Mom had given me this scrap bag of fabric a couple years ago that had mixed in pieces of binding.  Like must have been the tail ends of a project's binding.  This piece was one of those scraps and was just the perfect size for a mug rug!

This afternoon I've been watching podcasts and knitting :)  Such a pleasant way to while away the time.  I have to say that it is taking a ton of restraint not to cast on or start so many new projects!  I keep seeing cute or fun or interesting things and wanting to start and catching myself and saying nope!  Finish what you've started and then you can move on.  Funny thing is that once I get to that point I'll be past what I want to start now and will have found a hundred more things.  I'm thankful for the ideas and that I actually can make things that I see and want.

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