Tuesday, January 31, 2012

laundry soap

I've been laying low around these parts the last week or so.  Last Thursday I had one of my wisdom teeth extracted, and holy cow!  That knocked me on my keester!  I pray I never need to be put under anesthesia again!  The rest was not so bad, not much pain, minimal swelling and no bruising.  I just feel a little out of it still, like I could just take a nap all the time.
In other news, and I don't have pics for this, but I did finally make homemade laundry soap!  I had been wanting to try this for awhile, and for some reason it intimidated me, not sure why?  Seriously it was so EASY!  And quick, which was the real surprise.  I followed this recipe, except I used Fels Naptha laundry bar soap.  In total I think I spent about $15, which included the 5 gallon bucket.  I found a really pretty grass green one at Freddy's, and that's reusable so hardly counts in the total but it was $4.99.  I grated the Fels Naptha in my food processor with the cheese grater side up, everything rinsed out very well.  The recipe makes 3 gallons at a time, and I have a TON of borax and washing soda left so I can't even imagine how inexpensive in the long run this is going to be.  And, best part is that I have sensitive skin and so far no itching!  I was a little worried about that after I made it, and I was like dang! now I have 3 gallons of this stuff and what if I can't even use it?  I would've been able to give it away, I'm sure.  So, I say, if you have wanted to try making this - do it.

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