Sunday, January 1, 2012


As per usual, I am taking inventory and making resolutions.  Generally, the things on my list have been on my list several years running, but I keep pecking at them.  This list is not in order of importance, just as I think of things.

1.  Moisturize every day!  Okay, this is a lame one, but I'm awful at it!  It's super dry where I live and I tend to just focus on my face, and usually once a day.  I've been known to not even moisturize in the morning.....ugh.  My face will feel like an alligator by midmorning.  So, to moisturize.
2.  Lose weight!  Again, on the list because it's an ongoing struggle for me.  But, this year I am trying new things.  I've already signed up for a membership at the Y which has zumba and a pool.  NOT that I want to be in a swimsuit or that anyone would like to see that, but it's different and might be good.  Plus, I do love being in the water. 
3.  Daily devotions!  So, if you have ever been to church or a bible study or whatever, they generally stress doing a devotion in the morning, first thing.  Aaaaaand, let's face it - I'm not a morning person.  Every second sleeping in the morning is important and not to be missed.  But, God doesn't go by people's "rules" and I shouldn't either.  So, I'm bucking tradition and doing my devotions at night.  So there.  Maybe then my dreams won't be so WEIRD.  Remind me sometime to actually write them out for you - they are pure science fiction.  for real.
4.  Hold my tongue.  I've been known to say whatever comes to some say I have no filter.  I've realized that if I just let this go unchecked that it can be very hurtful.  So that's a goal, to think nice things also and think before I speak.
5.  Be more charitable.  This is in terms of things and attitude.  I've thought about doing quilts for charity but have so far either gifted things or been selfish.  Also, and I think this is a tricky one, I need to have a chartitable attitude towards others.  It's hard to explain.  But, I don't cut people or myself much slack a lot of times.

What about you?  Are you making resolutions on this New Year's Day?  By the way - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  I hope 2012 is fantastic.

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