Sunday, January 15, 2012

end cap of the weekend

George has been such a turd today!  She is so jealous of this quilt, oh man!  I had all the squares laid out on the craft house floor and everytime I'd turn my back she was attacking them and messing them all up.  And, even though it's frigid out, she wants to have the door open so she can sit and look out whilst I'm sewing.  So, I shut the door, she then attacks the quilt.  Then, jumps up on the table and tries to get the thread as I'm sewing.  So, to finish the top I had to put her in the main house....she didn't appreciate that.  So, as I was taking pictures she was still trying to "get" the quilt.  She does crack me up, though :)
finished topSo, here's the finshed top.  The end result will look pretty much the same since I am not going to add any borders.  It's just the perfect size for a throw to snuggle on the couch with.100_2945[1]Yesterday Jan called up and wanted to know if I'd like to go antiquing with her and I did. We checked out one places that full of beautiful stuff but way out of my price range. But, oh what would it be like to have endless cash??? My house would be full of stuff from that place! Only drawback was that it smelled highly of cat pee. Ugh. I can only imagine what that place smells like in summer.....see, the lady who owns it has the middle floor as her house and I'm pretty sure that's where the odour was coming from. But anyways, then we went to another place that is like a consignment place where people have booths and sell all kinds of stuff. I scored this bag of safety eyes for like $3 something. So cool. They're bigger than for what I would use for an amigurumi but perfect for monsters, grin.
bag of eyesOh, and I'm totally kicking myself in the rear end!  I mentioned to Jan when we started what I was looking for was an elf on the shelf because I was too cheap to shell out 35doll hairs for a new one.  And, then she goes "I wish I'd have known that I had a ton of them in my Grandma's Christmas stuff that you didn't want to go through".  BAH!  I clearly remember her asking me and me telling her "nah, I have tons of Christmas stuff."  BAH, double bah.  Huh.  all I can console myself with is the thought that at the time I might not have been interested in the elf on the shelf thing because I didn't really notice those until this year right before Christmas.

I finished up another Percy Jackson book by Rick Riordan called "The Son of Neptune."  Once again a very entertaining and great book.  This is the second book in a series, I can't wait for the next one!  I read this book really slowly so I wouldn't just tear through it and then be disappointed that I was done already.  So, now I'm looking for something else to read.

So, the big news is I will be starting a new job.  It's a tricky subject because I like the job I have.  I like the doctors I work with, I like all my coworkers and I wasn't wanting a new job.  But the doctors announced on Jan 2nd that they are moving and shutting the office....and really I am so lucky to have a job to go to.  I was thinking this morning about how I won't have the extra cash anymore from cleaning the office...but how exhausted I was and probably never would have given it up on my own, but God knew I needed to take it easy.  There are a lot of really positive things about this new job that I'm looking forward to.  I'll be able to ride my bike to work (for reals because there's no giant hill!), it's a great group of doctors and people to work with, nice benefits, I'll be able to join back in on book club which went by the wayside since I was cleaning, and I can be hostess to bible study rotation again.  This next two weeks is going to be sad, saying goodbye to patients that I've gotten so attached to, and the doctors, and my coworkers.

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