Friday, January 6, 2012

catch up

finished crackle quiltOkay, I know this is old news, but here is the quilt I finished right before Christmas.  I made it for my brother.  I found out he was going to be coming to visit my Mom in Chico, CA from Pittsburgh, PA.  So, I hurried and finished it right before Christmas and hand delivered it.  I went with straight line stitching since the pattern is quite busy.  Holy cow!  Don't look too closely because my lines are NOT straight! heee, hee.
up close crackleHere's a close up of the blocks and you can really see that the points have been cut off.  The blocks had to be cut down to 8.75" because some came out 9 inches and some 8.75.  but, I think in the overallness of it it's fine.  The compass parts came out matching because of the angle on my square template thing.
back view crackle quiltHere's the back view.  I had gotten a killer deal on flannel the day after Thanksgiving at Joann's.  Funny thing though, I bought 3.5 yards thinking that was more than enough, but I ended up adding thicker borders than the pattern called for.  You know how it is, a quilt has a mind of it's own so it wanted thicker borders :)  So, I dug around in my stash and came across the blue and red.  I have had those two pieces of flannel since we lived in Tennessee - so at least 13 years!!!!  But, I had never even pre-washed it, it was in one of my tubs so in perfect condition.  And really, I think they were the perfect addition!  You can really see on the back how not straight my straight line stitching it.  eh.
star quiltAnd, new year, new quilt!  I actually started this awhile ago and then realized I needed to get cracking on the crackle quilt, LOL.  While I was down in Chico Mom and I went to Joann's and found some really fun fabric from the Denyse Schmidt line.  I added some grey to the quilt and had wanted more that would match and I think it does nicely.  So, I keep adding.  I think it'll have 2 more rows and that's it.  I'm not going to border just quilt and bind it.  So guess what I'm doing this weekend???

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Judee said...

What wonderful projects! I really like your backing on the crackle quilt.