Tuesday, January 24, 2012

bittersweet and a little ranty....sounds tempting, yes?

Bittersweet, that's how I feel.  Tomorrow is my last day at the office I've worked at for almost 3 years.  Except for 2 people I have loved all my coworkers, and the doctors are great.  I am so, so, so thankful to have a new job to go to and they are super welcoming.  But....I have to admit that I'm sad.  I just needed to let myself really feel this, you know? 
This past weekend was the first Friday that I've worked in a loooong time, I went in for some training at the new job.  Holy cow!  I was ready for a nap by like 2!  It is a great group of people I'll be working with, and I know most of them.  They were truly sweet and glad to have me there, which is so nice. 
Saturday I went to scrapbook and it turned out to just be me and another lady, Connie.  It was good, nice and low key.  Connie also quilts so it's cool to chat with her about that too.
So, I have a confession.  I don't know how kosher this is to admit in the quilting world.  So, all over it seems like this pattern keeps popping up, Swoon by Camille Roskelly.  And, now there's a swoon-a-long over on flicker.  Um, okay here's my quilty snobbiness coming out.  I thought it looked really tricky and fussy and therefore was thinking that people were just showing off while they're doing their quilt a long and whatnot.  Like, look how fab a quilter I am that all my million points are matching.  Matching points is a huge challenge for me, so naturally I was jealous which resulted in snobbiness - grin.  But, since it has been popping up everywhere it's begun to pique my interest in the way that I sort of wanted to try it.  If you know me, you know that's a difficult admission because I usually shun anything that is popular, hee, hee.  Geez, it's a good thing people actually like me because I sure sound like a grouch sometimes.  Um, and also a cheap grouch....because this weekend I figured out the pattern by a little old fashioned trial and error.  That's my confession.  I feel like I made a knock off designer purse or something.  But, really, there's a magazine out right now that has a very, very similar pattern and I just figured out a couple changes that made it into a swoony pattern.  I won't be like putting measurements, even though I'm sure mine are different than the actual pattern you might buy.  So, it's not like I'm going to try to make anything ($$) for my personal gain or anything.  I just didn't want to pony up $7.95 for a pdf.  Is that so wrong?  And, maybe I won't get alzheimer's since I really had to use my noggin for measurements!  Does anyone else do that???  Not buy a pattern and figure it out yourself?  So, sorry no pictures but I will try to show some soon. 
Oh, in other news, I tried out some spray adhesive for batting and I think I might like it.  I tried it out on a small project and it did pretty well.  So we'll see on the actual quilt.  I bought some more flannel and will start quilting on the star quilt this weekend.  If I don't feel too awful after having a wisdom tooth removed on Thursday.  I sure know how to have fun, huh??


Evelyn said...

I don't think that sounds too ranty. I actually have the swoon pattern, because it was chosen as the block for a charity bee I'm in, and the author donated it to the bee members (very nice!). I like the block well enough, but I was a little disappointed that the instructions didn't say anything about which way to press the seams to make everything sew together well. In my mind, figuring out the measurements is only half the work - you still need to figure out how to put it together in an optimal way (including which way to press the seams at each step, darn it). If that's done well, it can definitely be worth the money to buy the pattern!

roseylittlethings said...

I love it! If you can figure it out on your own.. more power to you!