Saturday, October 1, 2011

playing around

Um, okay so I'm going to share a botch up.  Because I think it's sort of funny!  So, I bought this Bradley doll at Goodwill for $4.99 with the intent to renovate her.  I don't like the look of Bradley dolls - they have giant poofy skirts and look a little like old west  dolls to me.  The one I bought had a giant bonnet and giant hoop skirt.  But, on flickr I saw a doll that I thought was tres cool and looked like it had begun life as a Bradley.  And, so I have taken off the awful clothes she came in and have started making a dress.  This is the rough draft, so forgive the stitching.
new doll to renovate
I'm not sure what to do about a couple of things.  The spot where her necklace is has a dirty looking glue spot underneath.  Also, where the bonnet was there is a line of glue on her hair.  Um, which leads to the botching story.....I thought I'd make her a wig!  I know, where do I get these ideas???  But, nevertheless that's what I proceeded to do.  I watched a you tube tutorial where the girl took a plastic baggie and put it over the head and then hot glued hair over it.  I didn't account for the ginormous top of this gals head!  So, I ripped it taking it off to trim it down.  And I used the only saran wrap that I have, which happens to be pink!  LOL! 
Then I thought maybe it would work on one of my other dolls???  The answer was no, but it is a funny photo :)
wig botch up
Dude! That's a whole lotta hair!  And you can see the saran wrap.....ugh.  I might try again though.......we'll see.
I do have a project that did work to share with you.  I started this maybe a couple weeks ago in anticipation of Fall.  Then, was a little annoyed that it's getting cold already and didn't work too hard on it.  But, finished it up today and I like the way it turned out.
Fall pillow
Originally I had in mind to make the leaves all facing different directions but you know how it is, you start turning things this way and that, and voila! I liked them all put together like this. I had the purple binding leftover from another project and I really like the way it looks.
So, early today Jan and I went to the annual rummage sale at the fairgrounds. We thought that all day Saturday is bag sale day, but it really started at noon and we were there at 9am. So no bag sale, which is really fine. Last year I stuffed my bag with anything that looked interesting and ended up with some stinky stuff and stuff that didn't work so it was a waste of money. This year I just picked stuff I'd really use and paid the same as I would have for a bag. I got a couple of wreaths forms, some green pom poms and some random other bits and bobs to stick on wreaths.
After that I had a wild hair and drove to Merrill which is like 20 minutes away to the quilt store. And bought a ton of fun fat quarters!
fun fabric
I kept taking bolt after bolt to the cutting table because I kept wandering while she was cutting and finding new whimsical fabric! The store was PACKED because I guess the first Saturday of the month they have a thing. I mean, I couldn't even get in the door at first! No joke. I'm glad though because that means the store is definitely getting supported.
Tonight Kristin is having a Pampered Chef party which I'm going to. I've been eyeing their garlic peeler!

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