Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have decided that I need to reinstate Weight Loss Wednesdays.  I used to do this regularly but stopped quite awhile ago and now the scale is indicating it needs to begin again!  So, I think what I need to do is start with making some goals, little ones that are attainable, and then reporting back here every Wednesday. 
Goals for this week:
*  Will not eat out for lunch more than once
*  Will bring healthy lunch and a snack
*  Will try to eat breakfast
*  Will fit in some sort of exercise and cleaning the office does not count!
*  Will drink more water

Okay, I think that's pretty good!  I'll report back next Wednesay and let you know how it goes!  Anyone else want to join in???  I'm mostly doing this to hold myself accountable, but sometimes it helps to have others to support you.

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