Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a swap and some bread

I have a couple fun things to share today.  First off, I signed up for a swap on Swap-bot that was a whimsical fat quarter and something handmade out of whimsical fabric based on our partners profile.  I checked my recipient's profile and was a little stumped at first on what kind of colors, themes, etc that I should go with.  I finally noticed that she put that she likes owls, so that's the theme I went with!  I'm still digging mug rugs, so thought I might try a little applique.  I'm happy with how it turned out, and best part is that she really liked it too! 
back view:
I just did a meandering swirly quilty pattern - I imagined that those were they "flying lines" of the owl before it landed on the mug rug. Hee, hee :)  And it also kind of mimicked the lines from the fabric I used on the back, which is an Alexander Henry print that I love!
The other fun thing is that I tried a new recipe for pumpkin bread and it turned out fabulously!  I have been finding all kinds of cool stuff to try on Pinterest, which is a website where you can browse all sorts of images that also have a link to a website that might have a tutorial and such.  I was right about to sign out the other night when I saw this loaf of beautiful bread, I clicked on it and it had a link to a recipe for pumpkin cream cheese bread.  Oh man!  Amanda, from the blog Modern Marigold, had posted a "pin-did challenge" for people to actually do the things that they pin.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out and I'm so glad I did because it turned out sooooooo good. 
That lighter area in the middle is a ripple of cream cheese! yum. I will definitely be trying this again!
In other news, I did not finish the book that I was sure I was going to finishe this weekend, The Mercy by Beverly Lewis.  I really, really wanted to keep reading -but- I thought that this week was book club and I had not read my chapters yet!  So, I buckled down and read to chapter 8.5 in that even though I'm pretty sure we were supposed to get to 11 (?), then I checked the church website in search of a phone # to confirm that book club was indeed tonight and it said November 1st.  Whooo!  :)  So, I still have time to catch up.  Good thing.  This weekend is the scrapbook retreat and I'll bring it along because sometimes my brain just needs a break from scrapbooking!


amanda said...

oh mah goodness. cream cheese in pumpkin bread?? sign me up.

Brandi said...

Your pumpkin bread looks delicious. you had me at cream cheese! LOL! Visiting from the pin did challenge!